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Schedule Generator allows you to enter what classes you want to take (IE MATH 101) and it will show you all the possible arrangements of those classes you could have. In addition it will then link you to a nice printable schedule you can use.

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Click here for a sample printable schedule it generates

On the schedule generator page you can enter up to 8 different classes you want to take. The format of the class should be EECS 101 ANTHRCUL 101 etc. Then click Generate schedule.
Avoided Times
Avoided Times can be used to block out times you don't want classes. To add a new time to avoid click the plus next to "avoided times" then check enabled and whatever days you want the block to be applied to should be white (to not apply to certain days click them and they will turn gray). Then you should enter the time you don't want classes during. For example if you didn't want classes before 9AM a block of 4:00-9:00 could be used. You can simply uncheck the enabled box to disable a certain block. Blocks are inclusive, meaning a block that goes from 4:00 to 9:00 does not block classes starting at 9:00 or ending at 4:00.

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